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The ITHS Accelerator partners with investigators from the University of Washington and throughout the region to facilitate the design and conduct of high-quality clinical trials. Investigators who engage the Accelerator benefit from the strategic and scientific expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of experts who possess extensive experience conducting single- and multi-site clinical trials. This collective expertise offers guidance and support to investigators in overcoming design and implementation challenges so you can successfully complete your trial.

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The ITHS Accelerator is designed to serve as a single destination for research teams seeking clinical trials support. The Accelerator can serve as the Data Coordinating Center for your trial by providing data collection tools and supporting study design, data cleaning and analysis, feasibility assessments, and more. It can also serve as your Clinical Coordinating Center through regulatory, budget, study implementation, and recruitment planning support. Or, you can simply access a single resource or service you need to advance your clinical trial.

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