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Bioethics Consulting

Bioethics Consultation Service

Our research bioethics consultants offer a forum for in-depth conversation and analysis of ethical issues in clinical and translational research.

Consultant recommendations are advisory and supplemental to the institutional review board’s (IRB) responsibility for research oversight. Consultations may range from a phone conversation to a face-to-face meeting. The consultations generally are confidential, and the details are not discussed with others without the requestor’s permission unless disclosure is required by law.

Consultation services are available to researchers, research staff, and other personnel involved in protection of human subjects. The service is also available to research participants who have questions about any aspect of a research study.

How We Help

Our bioethics consultation services are designed to assist you and your team in identifying and analyzing ethical dilemmas related to the development, implementation, and analysis of clinical and translational research.

Issues involved in ethics consultations have included matters such as deciding if a placebo-controlled trial is justified, withdrawing a participant against his or her wishes, and sharing research findings with participants and the community.

Our services have been able to help researchers decide how to respond to ethical concerns that may occur over the course of a trial.

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