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Research Coordination Support Services

Research Coordination Support Services

The ITHS Research Coordination Center (RCC) is a dynamic group of research support staff that offer creative staffing solutions to meet the needs of the local research community. The RCC is available to investigators to guide and assist them as they design their protocol, through institutional approval processes, and during the conduct of their research.

We have both knowledge and practice conducting observational and experimental research designs in biomedical and behavioral disciplines.

For similar services at Fred Hutch or Seattle Children’s, visit Fred Hutch Collaborative Data Services or Children’s Research Coordinator Core.

How We Help

The ITHS Research Coordination Center (RCC) is a multidisciplinary team of research coordinators, regulatory specialists, research nurses, and study monitors that provide staffing solutions to individual researchers, research programs, and departments. The RCC is available to guide and assist at any point during the design or conduct of a clinical trial.

The RCC offers researchers a variety of benefits, including:

  • You save money by buying only the actual hours you need rather than hiring and training research staff.
  • On-demand research support allows you to flex up or down based on your unique staffing needs.
  • Our experienced, highly independent staff are matched with the specific needs of your research to ensure you have the best team for your project.
  • We provide the on-site support you need through regular work at ITHS partner institutions.
  • We are also available to support research throughout the rest of the five-state WWAMI, meaning we are always accessible.
  • Our knowledge and experience supports researchers to design trials and create robust budgets that translate to feasible, appropriately resourced projects.


Human Subjects Protection

Pre-review of your grant application for adequacy of the Human Subject Protection section to enhance the quality and likelihood of funding.

Regulatory Document Organization

Provide training and the tools you need to ensure a complete and current collection of required regulatory documents.

Regulatory Monitoring

Regulatory reviews and on-site educationally-based quality assurance monitoring to help investigators improve the quality of their research and ensure compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations.
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Protocol Development and Budgeting

Provide assistance for PI-initiated protocols, develop study-related documents, grant budgeting, and SOP development, REDCap database design and management, research branding, and CRBB submission.

IRB Application and Compliance Support

Prepare and provide support for review of your IRB and other compliance documents to ensure completeness, adherence to application requirements, and inclusion of all required documents.

Study Implementation

Provide assistance with recruitment, screening, consenting, and overall conduct of study visits. This include focus groups, interviews, questionnaires, chart abstractions, vital signs, lab processing, anthropometric measurements and more.

Interviewing Services

Through our partnership with the Fred Hutch CDS group, we are able to offer a team of bilingual interviewers to administer survey instruments, recruit study participants, and maintain contact with study participants. We have expertise in a wide variety of both qualitative and quantitative interview formats including in-person and telephone interviews, self-administered surveys, and Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing. All interview staff has received Human Subject and HIPAA Confidentiality Training.

Research Nurse

Research nurses are available to assist investigators with logistics of protocol initiation, and the specific clinical nursing aspects of clinical research protocols. The skills provided by RCC nurses include: physical assessments, blood draws, IV starts, treadmill testing, 6-minute walk tests, ECG, infusions, adverse event reporting and more.

Staff Training

Provide training and development to existing or new study staff to help you develop a strong research team.

Lost-to-Follow-Up Tracking Service

We can trace past study participants through our partnership with the Fred Hutch CDS group using an IRB-approved search process. Given accurate study subject names and formerly-current addresses and telephone information, we can typically find contact information for study subjects that have been lost to follow-up, provide phone information, provide address histories, and provide vital status updates via Social Security information.

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