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Branching Logic (RC-202) – 3/12/2019

Branching Logic (RC-202) – 3/12/2019

March 12, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Health Sciences Library, TRAIL Room (T216)
1959 NE Pacific St
Seattle, WA 98195
Branching Logic (RC-202) - 3/12/2019 @ Health Sciences Library, TRAIL Room (T216) | Seattle | Washington | United States


Branching Logic (RC-202)

The Branching logic class expands on the basics of branching logic taught in the intro class. It will focus heavily on the crafting of your own custom logic syntax. Attend this class if you want to incorporate more complex logic in your REDCap projects.

Bas de Veer
Bas de Veer
Ashleigh Lewis


  • Branching logic basics
  • Simple statements
  • Complex statements
  • Special functions

  • Longitudinal branching logic
  • Interplay with action tags
  • Creative uses of branching logic

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