DCDR Dataset Request

Important Note: As of September 1, 2018, the ITHS Biomedical Informatics team will no longer provide services through the De-identified Clinical Data Repository (DCDR) tool. The ITHS DCDR will be replaced by a new tool called, “Leaf,” which has been developed in partnership with UW Medicine.
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DCDR Dataset Request

To request clinical datasets (identified or de-identified) for your cohort, please contact the Tools and Technologies Biomedical Informatics Consult Team at ITHS.

Library of pre-programmed datasets

The following are the pre-programmed datasets that currently exist in the system and can be obtained at lower cost for your cohort.

Infectious Disease Datasets

The following are the queries that currently exist within the infectious disease repository.

Infectious Disease Standard Dataset 1 (Matrix of clinical variables)

Data Elements

  • Demog (6)
  • Labs (94)
  • Micro (141)
  • IP Med (192)
  • Vitals (5)

Reports of Standard Dataset 1

Demographic Summary

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • By OXA Susceptibility

Readmission within 90 days

  • Patient class
  • Facility
  • Readmit date time
  • Discharge date time

Inpatient medication summary

  • Meds administered
  • Med start time
  • Med end time
  • Days on med

Antibiotic administration during inpatient visit

  • Meds administered
  • Med admin time
  • Dosage
  • Route
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Contact Us / Request Services

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