Research or QI Workflow

Important Note: As of September 1, 2018, the ITHS Biomedical Informatics team will no longer provide services through the De-identified Clinical Data Repository (DCDR) tool. The ITHS DCDR will be replaced by a new tool called, “Leaf,” which has been developed in partnership with UW Medicine.
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Research or QI Workflow

  • Step 1

    Investigator Idea or Question

  • Step 2

    Query DCDR for cohort size

  • Step 3

    Consult mentors, peers, and biostatistician for feasibility

  • Step 4

    Obtain IRB or QI approval

  • Step 5

    Request Data

Research or QI Workflow for Investigators

  1. Investigator has an idea or question.
  2. Investigator logs onto the DCDR query interface ( and clicks “Tool Interface”), designs a query to determine the size of the cohort, and finds it is of reasonable size.
  3. Consults with mentor, peers, or ITHS biostatistician to confirm feasibility and decide on elements in the desired dataset.
  4. For a research request:
    Get IRB approval (use HSD templates for observational research projects)
    For QI requests, consult QI departments for approval
  5. Get Data (consult fees may apply)
    For any researchers who wish to request data: Contact ITHS-TNT Biomedical Informatics Consult

For Infectious Disease division researchers who wish to request data:

  • Contact ITHS-TNT Biomedical Informatics Consult


  • Fill out IDR data request form and request informatics team to:
    • Identify their cohort within UW Clinical Data Repository using DCDR query they designed,
    • Pull a dataset for this cohort, either from the library of datasets or one of their own design

IRB – Download HSD Templates for Observational Research Projects

561 kBHSD Application Template143 kBHIPAA Waiver Template1 MBConfidentiality Agreement Template303 kBWaiver of Consent Template

Feasibility Help

Katie Odem-Davis ( / Website
Two hours of biostatistical consultation are available free of charge.
Email Katie Odem-Davis, or go to the biostats web page to arrange the consultation.

Contact Us / Request Services

Contact Us / Request Services

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