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Connectivity in the Brain and Autism (COBRA) Study

Connectivity in the Brain and Autism (COBRA) Study

The COBRA study is exploring neurological, hemodynamic, and electrophysiological differences between Autistic and neurotypical individuals using vision as a model system. Participants will complete a clinical neurocognitive evaluation, 4 fMRI sessions, behavioral psychophysics experiments on a computer, and an EEG session. Depending on session length, participants will be paid between $350-$450. If interested, see link for contact information and more details: https://depts.washington.edu/rablab/research-studies-2/research-studies/gaba/

Participant Eligibility

-between 18-30 years old at the time of consent
-no history of seizures or epilepsy
-no history or diagnosis of schizophrena or schizoaffective disorder
-no metal in body (for fMRI scans)
-no neurological disease or serious head injury
Neurotypical Participants must:
-have no psychiatric diagnoses; however, those with depression and anxiety are eligible
-have no first degree relatives with an ASD diagnosis
Autistic Participants:
-must have a diagnosis of ASD from psychiatrist or licensed clinician


Wesley Ganz
(206) 221-2147

Additional Study Details

Full Study Title
Connectivity in the Brain and Autism (COBRA) Study

Study ID: STUDY00000556
Start Date: 09/01/2019
End Date: 08/31/2023

Sara Jane Webb & Scott Murray

Accepts Healthy Volunteers?

Study Site(s)

University of Washington

1701 NE Columbia rd, CHDD RM393 CD314
Seattle, Washington 98195


Use the link below to send a message to the study coordinator, or call the number above to speak directly with a study representative.

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