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Continued headaches following traumatic brain injury?

Continued headaches following traumatic brain injury?

This study evaluates and addresses challenges to implementing an acupuncture intervention for adults who have headaches after sustaining a moderate traumatic brain injury. Eligible participants will be recruited from Seattle and the surrounding areas to receive weekly acupuncture for 12 consecutive weeks. Participants will complete questionnaires to assess headache impact, depression, health-related quality of life, and cognitive function at the beginning of the study and every two weeks for the duration of the study.

Acupuncture is a technique in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body—most often by inserting thin needles through the skin. It is one of the practices used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Participant Eligibility

Recorded hospitalization for Traumatic Brain Injury within last 5 years

Over 18 years of age

Experiencing headaches since TBI event

Capability and willingness to attend 12 study-paid acupuncture appointments via community-based licensed acupuncture providers: Bellevue, West Seattle, Seattle, Burien, Edmonds, Kirkland & Bainbridge Island

Capability and willingness to complete 7 surveys during the 12 week consecutive treatment cycle.


Jason Caucutt
(206) 616-3175

Additional Study Details

Full Study Title
Acupuncture for Headache Post-Traumatic Brain Injury: A Feasibility Study

Study ID: STUDY00008281
Start Date: 01/16/2020
End Date: 01/16/2021

Mark D. Sodders, DAOM

Accepts Healthy Volunteers?

Study Site(s)

University of Washington

Box 357184
Seattle, Washington 98112


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