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Real-World Listening by Autistic Children

Real-World Listening by Autistic Children

Researchers at the UW Bloedel Hearing Research Center want to learn about how the brain helps us listen in noisy real-world environments. This study is for 7 to 10-year-old children and parents.

If you decide to participate in this research study, you and your child would come to the lab for two visits.
1. The first visit lasts approximately 2.5 hours and will include developmental assessments, hearing screening, a one-hour EEG recording while listening to speech and tones, and a parental questionnaire that can be completed online at home.
2. The second visit will last approximately 2 hours and will include computer-based listening games and a test of reading and math.

Participants will be compensated $100 and parking reimbursement.

Participant Eligibility

This study might be a good fit for you if:
Your child is between 7 and 10 years old
Your child has:
• autism spectrum disorder
• hearing loss
• none of these


Jessica Chin
(206) 616-2041

Additional Study Details

Full Study Title
Child Neural Sound Processing

Study ID: STUDY00013169
Start Date: 06/21/2021
End Date: 12/30/2022

Bonne Lau

Accepts Healthy Volunteers?

Study Site(s)

University of Washington

Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center, CHDD Clinic Bldg, NE Columbia Rd
Seattle, Washington 98105


Use the link below to send a message to the study coordinator, or call the number above to speak directly with a study representative.

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