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Pregnancy and Infant Health

Pregnancy and Infant Health

University of Washington researchers, led by Drs. Natalia Kleinhans and Stephen Dager, are recruiting pregnant participants who have not used marijuana during their first trimester and those who have used marijuana during their first trimester for a new study of prenatal development. Participants are not required to use marijuana during the study.

If you participate, you will meet with researchers approximately three times while you are pregnant to complete urine-based drug tests and questionnaires. During pregnancy, you will fill out secure surveys online each week documenting your daily use of substances (including vitamins and over-the-counter drugs), in addition to questions related to mood and nausea. After you give birth, we will make sure you still qualify for the study with a phone interview, and then you and your baby will visit us sometime between when your baby is 6-18 months old. Visit activities include infant developmental examinations by a licensed clinical psychologist, parent questionnaires, and an MRI brain scan for your baby in the evening. During the brain scan, your baby will be sleeping naturally. Our MRI scan does not involve any radiation, and you will be able to watch your baby during the entire scan either from the scan room or through a live-feed monitor nearby. An experienced researcher will be in the scanner room with your baby the entire time to make sure your baby is healthy and happy.

All information that you provide as part of this study is kept confidential. You will earn up to $325 for completing all parts of the study. You will have the opportunity to receive digital images of your baby’s brain, along with a developmental report and feedback session by phone with the licensed psychologist who conducts the behavioral assessments. We do not expect to find anything of medical concern during the infant MRI scans, but if we do see anything in the images that may indicate a health issue, you will be referred to a physician. You will also help provide reliable information to others who want to make informed decisions about their pregnancies in the future.

Participant Eligibility

Participants must currently be pregnant and have either used no marijuana or used marijuana frequently during the first trimester. All participants must be 21-40 years old, must use no alcohol or tobacco, and must be able to visit UW three times during pregnancy and once when the baby is between 6-18 months old. Additional requirements are assessed by phone screen.


Allegra Johnson
(206) 616-0607

Additional Study Details

Full Study Title
Olfactory activation and brain development in infants with prenatal cannabis exposure

Study ID: STUDY00005328
Start Date: 11/05/2018
End Date: 09/23/2021

Natalia Kleinhans
Stephen Dager

Accepts Healthy Volunteers?

Study Site(s)

University of Washington Medical Center

1959 NE Pacific St.
Seattle, Washington 98195


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