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Alyson Littman


I have a broad background in epidemiology, and am particularly interested in the study of modifiable risk factors for chronic illness, such as physical inactivity, obesity, smoking, and alcohol misuse. Obesity is a major concern for military personnel and Veterans, as it is in the civilian population. The VA began offering a national weight management program in 2005. I have conducted several studies to evaluate the reach and effectiveness of that program in different subpopulations. I have also investigated how weight change is impacted by life changes, including separation from the military and new-onset and persistent mental health problems such as posttraumatic stress disorder. Physical activity is thought to play a role in numerous diseases, but assessing physical activity in large epidemiologic studies is challenging. I have also conducted studies to evaluate the prevalence of physical activity in veterans compared to non-veterans, changes in physical activity after separation from the military, and physical activity

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Social Equity and Social Determinants, Health, Mental Health or Illness
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Epidemiology, Human Behavior, Public Health
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Adult, Vulnerable Populations
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United States

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