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Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering

1414 NE 42nd St.; Suite 204; Seattle, WA 98105-6271
1414 Northeast 42nd Street Seattle Washington 98105 US

The CSNE’s mission is to develop innovative ways to connect a deep computational understanding of how the brain adapts and processes information with the design of implantable devices that interact seamlessly with the nervous system.

CSNE aspires to help people with disabilities and develop novel modes of human-computer interaction by connecting brains with technology.

They study signals from the brain and use that information to stimulate a part of the brain or spinal cord for neurorehabilitation, including the use of an assistive device.

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College of Engineering
Population Health Focus Keywords
Technology and Health, Health, Non-Infectious Disease
Field of Study
Engineering, Technology
Key Populations
Adolescent / Youth, Adult
Center Director
Rajesh PN Rao
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