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Jeffrey Harris

1959 NE Pacific, Seattle, WA 98195 -7660
1959 Northeast Pacific Street Seattle Washington 98195 US

Population health research projects in which I am involved follow. All of these are under the auspices of the UW Health Promotion Research Center (http://depts.washington.edu/hprc/), a 30-year, competitively funded member of the CDC Prevention Research Centers Program.

HealthLinks Dissemination in Rural WA, Co-PIs: Peggy Hannon and Jeff Harris

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Population Health Focus Keywords
Economic Determinants, Impoverishment / Poverty, Race and Ethnicity, Social Equity and Social Determinants, Health, Non-Infectious Disease, Nutrition
Field of Study
Community Health, Community Engagement and Participation, Economics, Epidemiology, Health Assessment, Health Care, Health Management, Human Behavior, Policy, Public Health
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United States

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