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Liliana Lengua

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My research examines the effects of economic disadvantage and adversity on children’s neurobiologically based systems of self-regulation, including executive function, HPA-axis, and emotion regulation, and their consequences on children’s social, emotional and academic adjustment.

I focus on the protective effects of parents and families, and using a bioecological framework, study the interplay among individual, interpersonal, community and broader social factors in contributing to children’s vulnerable or resilient responses to adversity.

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College of Arts & Sciences
Population Health Focus Keywords
Economic Determinants, Impoverishment / Poverty, Social Equity and Social Determinants, Mental Health or Illness
Field of Study
Human Behavior
Key Populations
Adolescent / Youth, Children, Infants, Underrepresented Populations, Vulnerable Populations
In what countries of the world does your research take place?

United States

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