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Mary Kay Gugerty


Mary Kay Gugerty is the Nancy Bell Evans Professor in Nonprofit Management and the Faculty Director of the Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits & Philanthropy at the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, University of Washington.

Her research examines evaluation and impact measurement in the social sector; advocacy, accountability and voluntary regulation programs among nonprofit and NGOs; and community-based organizations and rural development in sub-Saharan Africa. Current work examines agricultural household decision-making, women’s participation in agricultural supply chains, and the determinants of smallholder agricultural productivity in Tanzania. Earlier work examines the impact of NGO funding on indigenous self-help groups, the impact of ethnic diversity on collective action, and the role of rotating savings and credit associations (roscas) in promoting rural savings.

Gugerty is co-author of the forthcoming book, The Goldilocks Challenge: Right-Sized Monitoring and Evaluation for NGOs and Nonprofits, Oxford University Press and the co-editor of Voluntary Regulation of Nonprofits and NGOs: An Accountability Club Perspective, Cambridge University Press.

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Evans School of Public Policy & Governance
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Economic Determinants, Impoverishment / Poverty, Social Policy and Governance, Food Quality / Security
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Community Engagement and Participation, Economics, Policy, Social Sciences
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Adult, Children
In what countries of the world does your research take place?

East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia), United States

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