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DISC / MR Research Laboratory, University of Washington

MR Research Laboratory , Radiology Department UWMC, 1959 NE Pacific St, Seattle, WA, United States
1959 Northeast Pacific Street Seattle Washington 98195 US
(206) 685-0457(206) 685-0457

The MR Research Lab is designed to perform research studies on out-patients and is equipped with a reception area and waiting, interview, recovery, and changing rooms. All subjects must be enrolled in research protocols approved by the institution’s IRB and screened for contraindications both at enrollment and immediately prior to the study. Signed informed consent is mandatory. Physiological and visual monitoring will be in place during the study as is normal clinical practice. Personnel (registered nurse, physician) and provisions for medical supplies and support (code cart, respiratory suction) are available in the immediate location of the MR rooms in the event of an emergency.

Center Contact
Catherine Delos Santos
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Core Laboratory
University of Washington
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