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UW Chemistry Department Crystallography Laboratory

Crystallography Lab, University of Alaska Fairbanks, R 207 West Ridge, Fairbanks, AK 99775
5396 Mail Trail Fairbanks Alaska 99709 US
(206) 543-0210(206) 543-0210

The x-ray facility consists of two diffractometers, currently both working with Mo-radiation sources to determine small molecule structures of single crystals in the size of at least 0.15 mm diameter of organic or not smaller than 0.05 mm diameter of transition metal complexes or inorganic compounds on a 60 hours basis (2 1/2 days). This is the time it takes from receiving a sample to returning a final, publishable report and all documentary information (provided one of the two diffractometers is free). We accept applications from outside campus and offer confidentiality or can arrange for a non-disclosure agreement.

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