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Through a presentation, role playing and demonstration Professors Eileen Klein and John Amory explore ways to engender effective feedback from and to both mentor and mentee as well as colleague to colleague.

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What happens to your grant once it gets to a study section?  Dr.

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In this video Dr Paul Fishman, Professor Cathryn Booth-Laforce and Professor Roger Bumgarner discuss tips that investigators can use to enhance the likelihood of a successful pilot grant application through the ITHS's

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Career Development Series
Date Video/Audio Presented materials
Career Development Seminar Series: Working with Industry 03/2014
CDS: Hutchinson Integrated Data Repository and Archive (HIDRA) 02/2014
How to Manage a Research Team: Success and Challenges of Balancing Research Resources 01/2014
How to Use Center Grants for Advancing an Academic Research Career 12/2013
Extending Your Network: Using SciVal, PubMed, And Other Databases as People Finders 11/2013
Tools and Technologies for Biostats, Bioinformatics, and Data Visualization 10/2013
Mentoring talk (Dr. Michael Fleming) 05/2013
How Do Study Sections Review Grants? A Peek Behind Closed Doors 05/2013
Smarter Searches: Advanced PubMed Tips for Researchers 04/2013
Managing a Research Team 03/2013
How to Deal with your Department Chair? 01/2013
Introduction to Research Administration 12/2012
Making the Most of your Mentor: A Guide for Mentees 11/2012
Academic Job Search: A Practical Primer 10/2012
Special CDS event: NIH 101: Grantsmanship 07/2012
Being In The Right Company: Working in the Industry 06/2012
Think Outside the University: Are you ready for a change? 05/2012
How to Get your Foot in the Door- Tips to Get an Early Investigator Award 03/2012
How to Construct a Research Budget 03/2012
Career Development Seminar Series: Make the connection: How to choose a mentor 02/2012
Tips for Successful Pilot Grant Applications 01/2012
Presentation Skills: How to Keep Your Audience Awake, Alert, and Informed 12/2011
CDS: Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback 11/2011
Academic Careers in Health Sciences: A Perspective 10/2011
How to get the mentors(s) you need 09/2011
Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of a Study Section 05/2011
Lessons from Reality TV: Negotiating for an Academic Position 04/2011
Science Writing: How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Get Your Work Published 03/2011
The Art and Science of Poster Presentation 02/2011
Writing a K Award Application: Tips from a Reviewer 01/2011
Make Sure Your CV Reflects Your Accomplishments 05/2010
Grant Review Training (Lecture I) 04/2010
NIH Study Sections: Secrets and Advice from Study Section Leaders 03/2010
A Primer on Making Informative and Impressive Poster Presentations 03/2010
Power Point Use and Abuse 02/2010
What Happens to your Grant - NIH Study Sections Secrets and Insights 11/2009
Translational research - Getting Started - How to find a project and a mentor 09/2009
Writing Your First Grant - How to get started 08/2009
Preventing and Recognizing Burnout and Creating Better Work-Life Balance 07/2009
Effective Feedback: Giving and Getting 06/2009
Scientific Writing: Lessons from Experienced Journal Writers 05/2009
Time Management and Taming the Email Monster 04/2009
Principles of Scientific Writing 03/2009
Grant Writing Tips from the Experts 02/2009
Career Development Award (K Award) Seminar 01/2009
Tips and Tricks for Grant-Writing Success: Having Fun While Shaping your Next Application 07/2008

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