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Understand the ethical issues surrounding biorepositories Understand the federal regulations governing biorepositories more . . . Tags: CRES, Data Sharing, Biobank, Bioethics

Dr. Kelly Edwards, Associate Professor of Bioethics at the University of Washington discusses issues surrounding data sharing, informed consent d managing biobanks. Dr.

more . . . Tags: CRES, Biobank, Informed Consent, Clinical Trial, Bioethics, FDA regulations, Audit, Data Sharing

The aim is to help attendees understand the pre-trial decisions regarding adverse events that needed to be made for investigator initiated clinical trials:

more . . . Tags: CRES, Clinical Trial, Adverse Event, OHRP, FDA regulations, Institutional Review Board, HHS, Health and Human Services, Office for Human Research Protection
Clinical Research Education Series (CRES)
Date Video/Audio Presented materials
Lessons from SUPPORT: Ethical Implications for Research on Medical Practices 06/2014
5 Statistics You Should Know 04/2014
NW BioTrust: Biobanking Services 02/2014
Twin Research: Past, Present & Future 01/2014
Establishment, Care, and Feeding of an Investigator-Sponsored IND 12/2013
Tips for a Successful Monitoring Visit 11/2013
IRB Considerations for BioRepository: Collection, Storage, Distribution of Samples and Data 10/2013
Research Participant Compensation: What is Fair? 09/2013
What are the challenges of consenting vulnerable populations? 06/2013
Got Results? Communicating with participants and the public about the fruits of research 05/2013
Converting Regulatory Documents from Paper to Electronic Forms 04/2013
Recognizing and Reporting Adverse Events and Unanticipated Problems 02/2013
How to Successfully Create a Grant Budget 01/2013
CRES: Where is that? Best Practices for Organizing Electronic Files 12/2012
CRES: Time-Saving Tips for Project Managers Using Microsoft Office Suite 11/2012
Quality Assurance for the Research Team:Connecting Day-to-Day Operations to a Regulatory Framework 10/2012
CRES: Patient Registries 09/2012
Research Vs. Standard of Care 06/2012
Informed Consent: How to Improve Patient Understanding 05/2012
CRES: Statistical Issues in the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials 04/2012
CRES: Working with Investigational Drug Services to Meet FDA Expectations 03/2012
CRES: Issues around Consenting and Subject Participation in Genetic Studies 02/2012
CRES: Recruitment Strategies: Adults in Behavioral Studies 01/2012
CRES: How to use REDCap: Tools to assist with research data capture and storage 12/2011
CRES: Clinical Trials with Investigational Medical Devices: What do you need to know? 11/2011
CRES: Device Trials; Issues and Experiences 10/2011
CRES: Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations Governing Human Subjects Research - 3 of 3 09/2011
CRES: Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations Governing Human Subjects Research - 2 of 3 09/2011
CRES: Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations Governing Human Subjects Research 1 of 3 08/2011
CRES: IND Safety Reports 06/2011
CRES: Consent, Data Sharing, and Returning Results: Decision Making in Managing Biobanks 05/2011
CRES: Ethical Complexity of Pediatric Research 04/2011
CRES: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Research Studies 03/2011
CRES: Data and Safety Monitoring Plans 02/2011
CRES: Pre-Trial Decisions Regarding Adverse Events for Investigator Initiated Studies 12/2010
CRES: Expert Panel; Investigator and Staff Responsibilities in Clinical Research 11/2010
CRES: Research Staff Responsibilities in Clinical Research 10/2010
CRES: Investigator Responsibilities in Clinical Research: Insights and Helpful Hints for Researchers 09/2010
CRES: Responsible Conduct of International Research 05/2010
CRES: Preparing for an FDA Inspection 04/2010
CRES: Standard Operation Procedures (SOPS) for Clinical Research: Write What You Do, Do What You Write 03/2010
CRES: The Nuts and Bolts of Study Start-up 02/2010
CRES: Mid-study Ethical Dilemmas: What to do? 01/2010
CRES: Data & Specimen Repositories and Data Sharing 12/2009
CRES: Conflict of Interest in Research 11/2009
CRES: Promoting Good Adherence in Clinical Trials 09/2009
CRES: How to Write a Good Consent Form 08/2009
Beyond CRES: Excel - Informatics tools for managing your clinical research data 08/2009
CRES: The IND/IDE Development Process 06/2009
CRES: How to Write and Use a Protocol 05/2009
CRES: Recruitment for clinical research: Ethical issues 04/2009
CRES: Principles of study design and statistical analysis 03/2009
CRES: Putting the "informed" in the informed consent process 03/2009
CRES: Strategies for effective recruitment 01/2009
CRES: Research Award Review: What you need to know before you accept 12/2008
CRES: Benchmarks for Clinical Investigation: Ethical Considerations 11/2008
CRES: Getting it right with the IRB the first time 10/2008
CRES: Adverse Events in Clinical Research – the what, when and how of reporting 09/2008
CRES: Auditing Yourself - how to catch errors early 07/2008
CRES: Responsibility in Clinical Research 06/2008

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