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Allen Brain Atlas, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Allen Institute for Brain Science
Allen Institute for Brain Science, 615 Westlake Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98109
551 North 34th Street Seattle Washington 98103 US
(206) 548-7000(206) 548-7000

Created by the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Allen Brain Atlas resources comprise a growing collection of interactive image databases integrating gene expression and anatomic information for the brain and spinal cord. These include genome-wide atlases of the adult mouse brain and mouse spinal cord, as well as an atlas of the developing mouse brain, a human cortex study, transgenic mouse characterization data and more. All data and associated visualization and mining tools are publicly available as free online resources to fuel innovation and discovery for researchers and organizations worldwide. The Allen Institute for brain science is an independent, non-profit medical research organization dedicated to performing innovative basic research on the brain and distributing its discoveries to researchers around the world.

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Chinh Dang
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Allen Institute for Brain Science
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