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DRC Cell function Analysis Core, University of Washington

Cell Function Analysis Core, Diabetes Research Center, 1660 S Columbian Way, Seattle, WA 98108
1660 South Columbian Way Seattle Washington 98108 US

The Cell Function Analysis Core (CFAC) facilitates the research of Diabetes Research Center affiliates by offering precise real time functional analysis of intact cells and primary tissue. Many measurements are made using a flow culture system that maintains cell viability while multiple parameters are assessed non-invasively using optical or radiological detection. With the goal of systematically studying the physiologic control of cell function in health and in diabetes, assays are offered that reflect bioenergetics, metabolism, cell signaling and biosynthetic/secretory function. The CFAC also provides an islet isolation service, which gives affiliates easy access to primary tissue/cells ex vivo.

Center Director(s)
Ian Sweet
Available to
DRC Affiliates
Resource Type
Core Laboratory
University of Washington

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