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FHL Ocean Acidification Environmental Lab.(OAEL)

Friday Harbor Laboratories, Ocean Acidification Environmental Lab, University Road, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
614-698 University Road Friday Harbor Washington 98250 US
(206) 543-1484(206) 543-1484

The experimental facility currently includes an analytical chemistry laboratory, indoor mesocosms fed by a custom seawater-CO2 blending system and temperature control, laboratory space, as well as outdoor in-water mesocosms. Led by Constance Sullivan, OAEL Manager (casull@uw.edu), this state-of-the-art ocean acidification facility offers unique research and instructional opportunities for experimental manipulations with on-site monitoring of carbonate system parameters. Additionally, the analytical chemistry laboratory is available to run samples on a recharge basis. FHL’s location, facilities, and educational mission combine to make an ideal site for the experimental mesocosm and analytical facility.

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Constance Sullivan
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Service Providing Laboratory
University of Washington

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