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High Throughput Genomics Unit, University of Washington

High Throughput Genomics Center, WTC East Suite 600, 2211 Elliot Ave, Seattle, WA, 98121
2024-2034 Westlake Avenue Seattle Washington 98121 US
(206) 267-1095(206) 267-1095

High-Throughput Sequencing Solutions is a non-profit, auxiliary enterprise administered by the University of Washington, Department of Genome Sciences. Our operation is entirely supported by client orders. Our experienced staff, dedication to excellence and total focus on DNA sequencing combine to deliver our clients top quality, cost-effective sequencing solutions. Our mission is to provide DNA sequencing services to academic and industry customers who demand high quality and outstanding value. We offer a simple menu of DNA sequencing services geared to the most common research applications. All sequencing projects are individually managed by experienced scientists whose goal is your satisfaction. Robust and proven bioinformatics are critical for high-quality, high-throughput sequencing while maintaining data integrity and security. Customer data are kept totally secure and segregated Our high-performance computing installation enables efficient, automated delivery of large-scale sequence analyses (BLAST searching, comparative genomics, etc.).

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