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Idaho INBRE: IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence

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Idaho INBRE, University of Idaho MS 3025, 875 Perimeter Drive, Moscow, ID 83844
Perimeter Drive Moscow Idaho 83843 US
(208) 885-5373(208) 885-5373

The INBRE Program has the express purpose to increase Idaho’s competitiveness for federal biomedical research funding. It profoundly affects biomedical research at every level and in all regions of Idaho. It stimulates research at educational institutions, provides state-of-the-art research facilities, and improves the caliber of scientific faculty. It impacts public health by enhancing Idaho€™s competitiveness for research funds and by preparing the next generation of scientists. INBRE creates an environment for Idahoans with the talent and desire to solve health problems through research, to do so. An unprecedented Network of research and educational collaborations among ten institutions in Idaho has been built.

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Carolyn Bohach
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University of Idaho

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