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McLaughlin Research Institute is an independent, non-profit research organization in Great Falls, Montana near the Rocky Mountain Front. Research at the institute focuses on understanding the genetic control of normal development and disease susceptibilit

McLaughlin Research Institute Animal Resource Center, 1520 23rd St. South, Great Falls, MT 59405
1520 23rd Street South Great Falls Montana 59405 US
(406) 452-6208(406) 452-6208

The McLaughlin Research Institute Transgenic Facility was established in response to the need for transgenic and reproductive technologies by the Institute investigators. This facility allows our scientists, their collaborators, and investigators from affiliated organizations the opportunity to create new mouse models for disease as well as models for testing gene function. Additional services include cryopreservation of mouse embryos and sperm and rederivation of mouse lines to specific pathogen free status. The facility is equipped with two micro-injection stations for use in pronuclear and ES cell injections, an IVOS Version 12 sperm analyzer to analyze sperm motility prior to freezing and upon recovery, and a cyclone laser for assisted IVF. An adjacent transgenic mouse room has been updated with a state of the art ventilated caging system. The facility is staffed by a highly skilled, full-time transgenic technician. Sherry Turner works closely with the scientists requesting transgenic services to produce genetically modified mice as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Dr. Teresa Gunn advises the transgenic facility staff.

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