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Correlative Studies

Consortium for Pediatric Cellular Immunotherapy

Enhancing rigorous assessment of key biologic correlates uniquely associated with cellular immunotherapy mechanisms of action in conjunction with safety and outcome measures.

Novel therapeutic modalities such as cellular immunotherapies require advanced correlative assay platforms not available in hospital-based clinical laboratories that reliably and reproducibly benchmark mechanisms of actions and predict correlatives of safety and efficacy.

The Correlative Working Group has collaborated on best practices for developing reproducible sample collection and process standards for use across Consortium trials. We are also leveraging a web-based data platform for the integration, analysis and visualization and sharing of data across the Consortium. In addition to collecting trial data, this system will enable the creation of a virtual biobank where specimens can be shared across the Consortium.  Finally, we are establishing outcome measures to assess safety and efficacy and promote the rapid translation of findings into future products.