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Consortium for Pediatric Cellular Immunotherapy

Annual Meeting

Every fall, the CPCI holds an annual meeting attended by all who contribute to the Consortium, the External Advisory Board, and the NIH-NCATS Program Director. Slides from past meetings available here.


Occasionally the CPCI hosts a deeper discussion on a topic of special interest to the field. Slides from past symposia available here.

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Biomanufacturing Workforce Symposium
(March 20, 2023)
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Quarterly Scientific Talk Series

One of the goals of the CPCI is to provide opportunities for junior faculty to present their work. Here is a list of all past presenters and their presentations:

Katie Albert, MDPatterns of engraftment and toxicity on the STRIvE (EGFR and B7H3-directed) CAR T cell clinical trialsSeattle Children’s
Colleen Annesley, MDPreliminary Results of CD19-expressing T cell antigen presenting cells infused episodically following CD19 CAR T cell therapy in B-ALL Seattle Children's
Shahab Asgharzadeh, MDCAR T-cell efficacy in solid tumors using Chimeric TGFB Signaling Receptor (CTSR) technologyChildren's Hospital Los Angeles
Sagar Bapat, MD, PhDBeyond killing: Developing a T cell therapy that modifies and enhances tissue functionUniversity of California San Francisco
Elizabeth Crouch, MD, PhDDevelopment of the human neurovascular unit: vulnerabilities and opportunitiesUniversity of California, San Francisco
Russell Cruz, MD, PhDCell therapies for brain tumorsChildren's National
Hema Dave, MD, MPHAssessing the immune landscape in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: From bench to bedside and beyondChildren's National
Kole DegolierAntigen experience history directs distinct functional states of CD8+ CAR T cells during the anti-leukemia responseChildren's Hospital Colorado
Julaine Gust, MD, PhDCAR T neurotoxicity: we’re not done yetSeattle Children's
Heather Gustafson, PhDPoor Clinical Outcome in Pediatric Immunotherapy is Mediated by a Pre-Existing Overactive Immune PhenotypeSeattle Children's
Bindu Hegde, PhDT cell-based therapy targeting H3.3K27M neoantigen in pediatric patients with diffuse midline gliomaUniversity of California, San Francisco
Amy Hont, MDPresentation of TAA-T cell dataChildren's National
Adam Johnson, PhDOptimal CD22 chimeric antigen receptor activity hinges on spacer type and configuration Seattle Children's
Hannah Kinoshita, MDOutcomes of post-transplant virus-specific T cell therapy in patients with sickle cell diseaseChildren’s National
Hannah Kinoshita, MDTAA-T cell therapy for patients with acute leukemia after BMTChildren's National
Eric Kohler, MD, PhDRestoration of LAT signaling enhances antigen-sensitivity, persistence and potency of CAR T cells against acute leukemiasChildren’s Hospital Colorado
Eric Kohler, MD, PhDUnderstanding the chimeric antigen receptor signal and its impact on CAR T cell function and efficacy Children's Hospital Colorado
Jessica Lake, MD, MPHDriving CARTs to sarcomaUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center
Mike Leibowitz, MD, PhDIncreasing epitope spreading to improve CAR T cell therapy for solid tumors Children’s Hospital Colorado
Siddhartha Mitra, PhDMacrophage immunotherapy for malignant brain tumorsChildren's Hospital Colorado
Babak Moghimi, MDDeveloping SynNotch gated CAR-T cells to target a combination of CD123 and CD33 in AMLChildren's Hospital Los Angeles
David Nguyen, MD, PhDDeveloping applications of CRISPR gene editing for diagnosing and treating primary immunodeficiencyUniversity of California, San Francisco
Chintan Parekh, MDBCL11B activation as an approach for enhancing the efficacy of immunotherapy Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Sarah Richman, MD, PhDRegulation of chimeric antigen receptor expression via ligand-induced degradationChildren's Hospital Los Angeles
Akshay Sharma, MBBS, MScEditing Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Treat Sickle Cell DiseaseSt. Jude
Brian Shy, MD, PhDGene-corrected Treg therapy for treatment of IL2RA deficiencyUniversity of California San Francisco
Keri Toner, MDOff the shelf EBV specific T cells for pediatric PTLD: An update on COG ANHL1522Children’s National
Nicholas Vitanza, MDInitial experience of the BrainChild trials: repeated locoregional HER2, EGFR, and B7-H3 CAR T cells for children with CNS tumorsSeattle Children's
Peter Yingxiao Wang, PhDUltrasound controllable genetics and CAR T for solid tumor therapyUniversity of Southern California
Jianming Xie, PhDEngineering natural killer cells to target hematologic malignancies with HLA-DR loss University of Southern California