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Case Webinars

Clinical Research Ethics Consultation Collaborative

Case Webinars

Each quarter (or more frequently), a member presents a case to the entire group during the monthly meeting.

This case is one that the presenter was directly involved with; the requestor can be invited to participate in the webinar.

This case will be considered for publication, along with commentaries, in AJOB. Presenting a case to the group does not guarantee inclusion in the AJOB series; inclusion in the AJOB series does not require a case presentation.

The Collaborative member generally uses PowerPoint slides to convey key points of the presentation. The format is:

  • Present the background of the case and the primary questions (15 minutes).
  • Group discussion and the exchange of thoughts and ideas (30 minutes).
  • Share what actually happened as far as advice and follow up (5 minutes).
  • Concluding discussion with group (10 minutes).

To request to present a case during a monthly meeting, contact Katie Porter at kathryn.porter@seattlechildrens.org. Please provide a one-paragraph description of the case. The Steering Committee will consider your presentation for a monthly meeting.