The ROMP Ethics Study

Exploring the ethical issues in Research on Medical Practices (ROMP)

What is Research on Medical Practices?

Often, many medications are approved for a single medical condition. Think of high blood pressure, for example—one doctor might prescribe one medication, while another doctor prefers a different medication. But which is actually the best choice?

Answers aren’t always clear. One way to get closer to a good answer is to study what is taking place in medical settings like doctors’ offices and hospitals. This is called Research on Medical Practices (ROMP), and it can happen in “real time,” as patients receive medical care.

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Ethical Issues

Policymakers and regulators of medical research don’t always know how to interpret the risks of research on medical practices compared to the medical practices themselves, or how best to get informed consent for this type or research.

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Our Study: Assessing Public Attitudes about the Ethics of Research on Medical Practices

We are asking the public and professionals who review research what they think about this type of research. To explore these questions, we have created informational videos about Research on Medical Practices.

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