Giving Back to the Research Community: CTMS Team Presents at Forte’s Onsemble Conference

Giving Back to the Research Community: CTMS Team Presents at Forte’s Onsemble Conference

Over the last several years, the CTMS Team has benefited tremendously from guidance generously shared by other organizations who have implemented OnCore. This year at the Spring Onsemble Conference hosted by Forte, the company that developed OnCore, our CTMS Product Manager, Oscar Cano, shared two presentations that showcased our 2018 go-live experiences. The presentations focused on the following topics: 

Automation of Data Migration and Regression Testing  

This presentation focused on our experiences in designing and implementing a set of data migration tools that allowed us to migrate approximately 3,000 protocols and 40,000 subjects for our 2018 go-live in an automated fashion that saved time and improved accuracy. Key components of our solution included: 

  • Automated loading of all pertinent protocol and subject level data points to eliminate manual data entry  
  • Error logging to support quality control (QC) and clean-up 
  • Automated data prep using standard business rules 
  • Automated data QC to validate tools performed as expected 

With this automated approach implemented on numerous computers, we accomplished our migration goals significantly faster, and our 2018 go-live timelines were made possible largely due to the efficiencies gained in this process.

Encouraging User Adoption & Compliance During New Implementations

In this presentation we shared key information on our change management strategy that was another key component of our go-live success: 

  • Various methods used to articulate the substance of the change to our end users including tools such as: “Start, Stop, Continuedocuments, go-live posters/ pamphlets, 1-pagers describing user impacts by role, and easily-digestible cutover messages and key dates  
  • Strategy for leveraging pre-go-live data validation as a method to significantly improve end user’s knowledge of the CTMS, in addition to using it as a method to prep data prior to go-live 
  • Explanation of the nuts and bolts of our communication strategy including our “Walk the Halls” campaign to meet our study teams at their work locations, open houses, roadshows, and the criticality of study teams serving as “change leaders” 

The feedback from attendees was positive and many found our information substantive and valuable to their own work. We were grateful to have an opportunity to share our story.  

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