Project Team

Project Governance

This project is governed by the following:

  • Executive Sponsors—Comprised of leaders from Fred Hutch and UW, this group is accountable for providing strategic support across their organizations for the CTMS program, removing barriers noted by the team, and making key decisions raised by lead sponsors and program leadership.
  • CTMS Program Office—This tri-institutional group is responsible for the ongoing operation of the CTMS. This Program Office is based at Fred Hutch and maintains neutrality across Fred Hutch and UW. It is led by a CTMS Program Director and supported by Institutional Leads (ILs) at each institution.
  • CTMS Project Implementation Team (Sunset in 2021)—Led by a Project Director this team was organized into four workstreams – technical, functional, data migration & change management. Each workstream had leads, executors and subject matter experts.
  • Extended Stakeholders—These groups include the CTMS/CTPI Steering Committee, Study Team Advisory Committee (STAC), The Research Charge Master Review Committee (RCRC), The Data Standards Committee (DSC), and the CTMS Access Review Committee (ARC). They are dedicated to provide specific advisory services related to the CTMS operations in their area of expertise.

Meet the Team

Executive Sponsors


David Browdy
VP & Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Patrick
VP & Chief Information Officer

Kristi Stiffler
VP, Clinical Research

Terry McDonnell
VP, Operations (SCCA)

Tom Purcell
Chief Medical Officer (SCCA)


Julie Reid
Interim Vice Dean, Administration & Finance

John Slattery
Vice Dean, Research & Graduate Education

Nora Disis
Associate Dean, Translational Health Sciences

Institutional Leads

Kristi Stiffler
VP, Clinical Research
Fred Hutch

Terry McDonnell
VP, Clinical Operations

Pavel Kruchek
Director, Clinical Trials Office
UW Medicine

CTMS Program Office

Admin & General Program Operations

Molly Van Rheen

Eric Meidell
Programmer Analyst

Justine Albert
Project Coordinator

Karen Klimchak
CTPI Senior Workflow Analyst

Steve Kipp
Project Manager & Analyst

Business Operations Services

Christine Ricklefs
Assistant Director

Alex Uhrich
Clinical Research Calendar Analyst

Itsumi Niiyama
Clinical Research Calendar Analyst

Kaileah Seedorf
Clinical Research Calendar Analyst

Megan McCormick
Clinical Research Calendar Analyst

Natalia Wilcox
Clinical Research Calendar Analyst

Product Management

Chase Cameron
Product & Integration Manager

Quality Control & Reporting

Emily Shroff
QC Program Manager

Anam Pasha
Business & Reporting Analyst

Caitlyn Cecchetto
QC Analyst II

Melissa Pighin
QC Analyst I

Support Desk & Training

Megan Miller
Training Program Manager

Brian Kuest
Protocol Operations Coordinator

Ehsen Malik
Workflow Analyst

Jonathan Khanjian
Protocol Operations Specialist

UW Research IT

Melissa Habrat
Director, Research Information Technologies

Mark Todd
Enterprise IT Research Manager

Josh Lovseth
Lead Research IT Infrastructure Engineer

Ning Zhang
Sr. Software Engineer Research IT Application

Paul Powers
Training Lead


Adam S. Davidson
Communications Lead

CTMS Program Office Organization Chart

CTMS Program Office Org Chart
CTMS Program Office Org Chart