Data Migration Update

Data Migration Update

Data migration is underway for Target 1 protocols and subjects in anticipation of user onboarding starting in Summer 2018. Protocol and subject data is being migrated from existing Consortium sources.

Scope: What Qualifies?

Protocols that meet the following criteria are included:

  • All Human subjects research, and
  • Open to accrual as of 10/1/2012, or
  • Currently active IRB file

All subjects associated with these protocols will also be included in the migration.

Scope: Volume of Work

The program team expects that approximately 2,900 protocols and 38,000 subjects will meet the criteria for migration.  These numbers include active protocols and protocols with closed IRB files that are required for NCI reporting.

If you have questions on whether your studies are part of Target 1, please contact the CTMS Program Office.