What is a Clinical Trial Management System?

A clinical trial management system (CTMS) is a software system used to manage clinical trials in clinical research. This CTMS will serve as a single, centralized, web-based enterprise resource to support clinical research studies conducted within or across the three institutions.


The CTMS will provide an extensive range of functionality that will strengthen the conduct of both oncology and non-oncology clinical trials:

Clinical Research Management

The system enables management of many aspects of clinical research including: study start-up timelines, tracking and reporting of protocol information and accrual data, study financial management and billing compliance.

Billing Compliance

The CTMS allows for shared study calendars, centralized & standardized billing processes including sponsor invoicing and subject visit tracking.

Integrations / Interfaces

The CTMS will integrate with Epic to facilitate patient data transfer from the clinic to the CTMS and will incorporate other study-related modules like ePRMS to support Scientific Review Committee processes.

Reporting / Analytics

The CTMS provides robust and streamlined reporting to meet NCI protocol and accrual reporting requirements, to support billing and financial operations, and to track trial start-up timelines.