UW Workday Integration – Award Setup & Modifications

UW Workday Integration – Award Setup & Modifications

As per UW Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) instructions, it is crucial to ensure accurate recording of sponsor billing and invoicing information during the award setup. Study teams are advised to include a comment within the “Comments & History” section of your Award Setup Request (ASR) or Modification Request (MOD) form, specifying that sponsor invoicing should go through OnCore CTMS.

This step is essential for the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and GCA when determining the billing process during the review of your ASR or MOD form.

Utilize the following guidance to document sponsor invoicing through OnCore is eligible in your ASR or MOD.

  1. Navigate to the “Comments & History” Section on the bottom left of your Award Setup Request form.
  2. Select “+ Add Comment” next to the question mark. A window will pop up, allowing free-text entry. Enter “OnCore Invoicing Eligible” then select “Add Comment” to submit.
  3. The comment will populate in the list.

For any questions or concerns regarding the ASR or MOD form, feel free to reach out to the GCA team at gcahelp@uw.edu.

Where Can I Find Additional Help?

Contact the CTMS team at CTMS@fredhutch.org or join us during the CTMS Office Hours:

  • Tuesdays 10 AM – 12 PM PT
  • Fridays 1 PM – 3 PM PT