OnCore CTMS Study Backloads

As part of the OnCore CTMS implementation at UW and Fred Hutch, studies with UW/FHCC Epic activities were required to transition (i.e., backload) into OnCore for financial and subject visit tracking workflows. These workflows, also know as “Target 3” or “T3,” utilize OnCore functionality to improve post award management and billing compliance.

The deadline for backloading studies into OnCore was 05/31/2023.

UW/FHCC Epic-active studies NOT backloaded into OnCore by the deadline must do so now via a Study Amendment submission. Amendments may be submitted through the study’s unique REDCap amendment queue link, available in the PC Console > Documents/Info > FAQs tab in OnCore. PLEASE NOTE:

  • If your current Billing Grid reflects the current protocol: select change category ‘Unanticipated Backload – current BG reflects current Protocol version.’
  • If your Billing Grid does NOT reflect the current protocol: select applicable change categories, such as ‘Clinical Services‘ or ‘Non-clinical subject procedures (e.g questionnaires).’


If you do not have access to your study’s REDCap amendment queue link, or for other questions, please reach out to CTMS@fredhutch.org.