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Office of Research and Graduate Education, UW School of Medicine

To improve human health, the Office of Research and Graduate Education strives to promote and facilitate responsible research, teaching, and training within the UW School of Medicine community. We do so by building and enhancing infrastructure, providing School of Medicine and UW leadership with strategic information and analysis, fostering an open and collaborative environment, streamlining processes, and maximizing opportunities for achievements in research and education.

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Office of Research and Graduate Education
UW School of Medicine
850 Republican Street
Administration Building
Seattle, WA 98109

Phone: (206) 543-6116

How You Can Help

Volunteer for a Research Study

Research studies test whether new medicines, devices, or procedures are safe and how well they work.

There is a critical need for volunteers for these studies. Low enrollment in research studies is one of the largest problems facing the development of new and improved treatments. Eighty-five percent of studies get started late and 40 percent never finish because of a shortage of volunteers.

How You Can Help

When you participate in a research study, you are helping to move research forward. This means that cures and treatments are able to reach people more quickly.

This site can help you find studies that match your interests or needs. Both healthy volunteers and people with specific health conditions are needed to help answer important healthcare questions.

Donate Your Samples

A lack of quality samples, also known as specimens, is an obstacle for researchers. These researchers may need several hundred specimens for a single study.

Every day, thousands of specimens such as blood and tissue arrive at labs for testing. Once testing is done, these specimens are usually destroyed.

How You Can Help

You now have the option to donate your leftover specimens to research instead. Whether it is a blood draw or a surgical procedure, anyone can donate leftover blood or tissue. Donation does not require any additional procedures or operations, and there is no change to your medical care if you choose to donate.

By donating a specimen, you can help researchers find better treatments for disease, minimize side effects of drug therapies, develop new tests to diagnose health conditions, and more. This site shows you how to begin.

Donate Samples

If you are a patient at a participating institution and wish to participate by donating samples for research, please contact us or tell your doctor or your health care providers.