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Participate in Research is designed to connect potential volunteers with open research studies. We are looking for volunteers just like you to help answer important questions about cancer. This page lists cancer studies that may apply to you or someone you know. If you find a study that you’d like to participate in, you can contact the study team with questions or to volunteer. Join us to improve the health of others.

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UW Medicine Cancer Care
UW Medicine

UW Medicine, in partnership with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, provides the highest quality, comprehensive cancer care to patients with all types of cancer, regardless of how rare or common, simple or complex their diagnosis.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center offers a number of cancer-focused studies. Please visit their clinical trials search page below to learn more.

Active Studies

  • An active lifestyle reduces risk for breast cancer and improves the quality of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer. The ACE Study, funded by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, will investigate how a 45-minute bout of moderate exercise can affect the biology of the......

  • The University of Washington SPEAC Lab is inviting individuals who have experienced changes to their speech and/or voice due to any type of head and neck cancer to answer survey questions about their communication experiences. We ask participants to nominate at least one family member,......

  • The Testosterone in Men with Cancer study is a research study in men, ages 55 and older, who have lung or colorectal cancer and have received, or are receiving, chemotherapy and/or radiation for their cancer in the past 5 years. The purpose of the study......

  • The Testosterone in Cancer Survivors study is a research study in men, ages 18-54, who have received chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy for their cancer and are now off-treatment and in remission for at least 1 year. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether......

  • This research study is being conducted to learn more about what is important to those diagnosed with a myelodysplastic disease in efforts to improve how drug developers measure quality of life and the patient experience when developing new products. The objective of this research study......