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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Participate in Research is designed to connect potential volunteers with open research studies. We are looking for volunteers just like you to help answer important questions about sleep disorders. This page lists sleep disorders studies that may apply to you or someone you know. If you find a study that you’d like to participate in, you can contact the study team with questions or to volunteer. Join us to improve the health of others.

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UW Medicine Sleep Center
UW Medicine

The UW Medicine Sleep Center at Harborview Medical Center provides multidisciplinary assessment, treatment and follow-up consultation services for patients with sleep-related problems.

Active Studies

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic and mitigation efforts have drastically disrupted daily life and increased stress, causing worse sleep quality for many individuals across the world. The CoPsyN Sleep lab at Stanford University is conducting a study of a brief, non-drug therapy for acute sleep problems that......

  • Washington State University’s Sleep and Performance Research Center is recruiting participants for an at-home sleep monitoring study. The study is seeking normal sleepers or insomniacs, who are 18-65 years old and have access to an iPhone for daily use. All study-related equipment will be provided.......

  • The purpose of this pilot study is to record the daily human activities, and to develop predictive models of physical activity. We hope this study will enable researchers to test and validate new technologies that may subsequently be used to study and inform researchers and......

  • We are recruiting for a clinical trial of two online programs to help pregnant women with insomnia sleep better. The program includes weekly online modules with information and strategies for improving sleep during pregnancy. Participants will complete online questionnaires and have sleep monitored using a......