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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my study need IRB approval?

General Information
General information about a study, such as purpose, study procedures, and key inclusion-exclusion material, does not need IRB approval, per UW Human Subjects Division, Fred Hutchinson, and Western IRB policy.

Risks, Benefits, and/or Compensation
Any discussion of risks, benefits, or compensation would require IRB approval. Statements of benefits are not limited to claims of efficacy, and could include things like free medical exams, copies of imaging, or statements about helping others.

The template UW HSD modification form which provides sample text is located through the link below.

What are the advantages of getting IRB approval?

Many people chose to participate in studies based on compensation or benefits. Feedback from coordinators indicates that many people are looking at this site for those particular types of studies.

I understand my study will be reviewed once it is submitted and before it can post. What is the site administrator reviewing?

Our site administrator reviews all requests to ensure compliance with federal and institutional requirements. The majority of their review focuses on claims related to study benefits, risks, and compensation. Posting requests that raise concerns will likely prompt a request to the research team to provide documentation of IRB approval for the advertisement.

Do you recommend any additional websites to advertise for study participants?

Yes. ResearchMatch™ is a free, nationwide database of potential research volunteers sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.