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Blood and the Lymphatic System

Blood and the Lymphatic System

Participate in Research is designed to connect potential volunteers with open research studies. We are looking for volunteers just like you to help answer important questions about blood and the lymphatic system. This page lists blood and lymphatic system system studies that may apply to you or someone you know. If you find a study that you’d like to participate in, you can contact the study team with questions or to volunteer. Join us to improve the health of others.

Active Studies

HIV reservoir in blood and inflammation in the intestine.

The purpose of this study is to understand whether HIV medications can produce inflammation in the intestine (“your gut”) and affect the size of the HIV reservoir in people living with HIV. There are two study visits: General health assessment and medical history Endoscopy and…

Cerus INTERCEPT Radiolabeled Platelet Study

This is a platelet transfusion study. The primary purpose of this study is to find out how long platelets treated with the INTERCEPT blood system and stored for up to 5 days remain in your blood after transfusion. The INTERCEPT blood system for platelets is…

Testosterone in cancer survivors

The Testosterone in Cancer Survivors study is a research study in men, ages 18-54, who have received chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy for their cancer and are now off-treatment and in remission for at least 1 year. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether…

Capillary Refill Time Study for Raynaud’s Syndrome Patients

We are a research team in the Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. We are conducting a user study on collecting capillary refill time using a smartphone app for participants with Raynaud’s syndrome. Capillary refill time is widely used…