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EPICC: Engaging Parents, Increasing Connections with Children

EPICC: Engaging Parents, Increasing Connections with Children

EPICC is a distance-based program focused on helping parents with serious mental illnesses connect with their children through meaningful activities. Participants will be enrolled for 20-weeks and receive support to help meet family leisure and participation goals. All research interviews and intervention meetings take place over Zoom or phone call, and participants receive a $20 virtual gift card for each completed interview, for up to $60.

Participant Eligibility

We are looking for individuals who:

Are ages 18 and older
Are an adult parent with a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder or mood disorder.
Indicate a desire to engage in more meaningful activities with their child, regardless of child’s age


Gillian MacDonald
(267) 225-0218

Additional Study Details

Full Study Title
Engaging Parents; Increasing Connection with Children (EPICC): A randomized, controlled trial to enhance parenting outcomes of individuals with SMI

Study ID: 26733
Start Date: 01/01/2023
End Date: 01/01/2025

Gretchen Snethen, PhD
Bryan McCormick, PhD

Accepts Healthy Volunteers?

Study Site(s)

Temple University

1700 N Broad St Suite 313
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121


Use the link below to send a message to the study coordinator, or call the number above to speak directly with a study representative.

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