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This study is designed to help us understand how the use of a mobile app (LetSync) developed for couples can improve HIV healthcare outcomes. We are asking BIPOC couples assigned male at birth and living with HIV to use the app over the 8 month study. During the study, participants will track appointments, medications, and goals. Our findings could lead to improved healthcare for people living with HIV.Over the 8-month study, you and your partner will both be asked to:• Complete 3 online surveys: each survey takes about 30 minutes. Online surveys will ask about mental and physical well-being, HIV care engagement, and communication/coordination within the couple.• Mail in 5 dried blood spot samples. We will provide free kits and step-by-step directions.• Do 5 take-home urine paper strip tests. We will provide free kits and step-by-step directions.• Take part in a private interview over Zoom or phone with the study team about your study experience.You and your partner will also be assigned at random to a study group.• Couples in group A will use the LetSync app for 8 months.• Couples in group B will not use the LetSync app, but they will do all other study tasks.You and your partner can each receive up to $430 for completing all parts of the study. Payment will be in the form of a debit card that can be reloaded with cash. We will mail you the debit card when the study begins.

Participant Eligibility

You are eligible to take part in the study if you or your partner:• Self-identifies as a racial/ethnic minority.• Self-identifies as cisgender man, transgender woman, or non-binary.• HIV+You can take part if you and your partner:• Own a smartphone.• Assigned male at birth.• Has been in a relationship for at least 2 months with a cisgender man, transgender woman, or non-binary.• Be 18 years of age, willing to take part, and own a smartphone.


Erin Moore
(510) 294-6945

Additional Study Details

Full Study Title
LetSync: Pilot Test of Mobile Health (mHealth) Intervention

Study ID: 21-34580
Start Date: 12/16/2021
End Date: 02/28/2023

Dr. Judy Tan, PhD
Lance M Pollack, PhD
Dr. Parya Saberi PharmD
Dr. Susan Kegeles PhD
Dr. Torsten Neilands PhD

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Study Site(s)

This is a national study

550 16th St.
San Francisco, California 94158


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