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Living with a Heart Condition

Living with a Heart Condition

Heart disease can occur at any age. Someone can be born with a congenital heart condition that is apparent at birth, requiring treatment from an early age. Other individuals can have heart issues develop slowly over time, or suddenly have a heart attack. Because living with a heart condition is a lifespan experience, finding out more about individuals' experiences with their heart condition is important for helping with their treatment approaches including their mental health as well as the best physical health approaches. The purpose of the present study is to assess the experiences of individuals living with a heart condition, and examine how these experiences relate to their wellbeing and social support system.

Participant Eligibility

Individuals must be 18 or older to participate in the study. You may have had a heart condition at birth or at any time in your life to qualify for the study. Individuals must be able to complete the study themselves, and have access to a computer to complete the survey online. Due to covid, all surveys will be completed online via a secure link.


Kim Shifren, Ph.D.
(410) 704-6239

Additional Study Details

Full Study Title
Living with a Heart Condition: A Lifespan Approach

Study ID: 1018
Start Date: 12/11/2020
End Date: 12/11/2021

Kim Shifren, Ph.D.- Principal Investigator

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Study Site(s)

Towson University

8000 York Rd College of Liberal Arts, Psychology Dept.
Towson, Maryland 21252


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