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UW Medicine South Lake Union (SLU)

South Lake Union (SLU)

Institute of Translational Health Sciences
850 Republican St
Seattle, WA 98109

ITHS is located on Republican St. and 9th Avenue. The reception desk is located in Admin Building (C), off the center courtyard.


To SLU from UWMC (1959 NE Pacific St)

Shuttle from UW Medical Center
Catch the SLU Shuttle from Columbia side of the Medical Center or D Wing. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Every 40 minutes before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m. See for schedules, map, and stop locations.

By Bus
The SLU Building is serviced by Metro Transit bus routes 17 and 28. See for schedules, trip planning, and stop locations.

By Car

  1. From UWMC, after you get out of the parking garage, turn RIGHT into NE Pacific St.
  2. Turn RIGHT at Montlake Blvd NE
  3. Merge onto WA-520 W via the ramp to I-5/Seattle Fwy
  4. Take the exit onto I-5S toward Portland
  5. Take exit 167 toward Mercer Street and Seattle Center
  6. Turn LEFT into Fairview Ave S
  7. Turn first RIGHT into Republican St
  8. Cross a few streets, and almost immediately after crossing 9th Ave, turn RIGHT into the UW Medicine Research Parking garage.  Parking for the whole complex is underneath Admin Building C on the corner of Republican St and 9th Ave N – the entrance is in Republican St.
  9. If you are driving, you can park in this parking garage.
To SLU from Seattle Children's Research Institute (1900 9th Avenue)
  1. From Seattle Children’s building head southwest on Steward St towards 9th Ave.
  2. Turn right at 6th Ave, and again slight right at Westlake Ave.
  3. Turn left into Republican Street, and cross 9th Ave.
  4. On your right you will now see the UW Medicine Research building complex. There are three buildings covering the entire block between Republican and Mercer Streets and 9th and 8th Avenues. One reception desk serves all these buildings, with the main entrance in the courtyard between the buildings, located in Admin Building (C) on the corner of Republican St and 9th Ave. [The other buildings in the complex are the “Brotman Building (A)” and “Lab Research (B)”]
  5. Parking for the complex is under Admin Building C on the corner of Republican St and 9th Ave N – the entrance is in Republican St.

Parking at SLU

  • Parking for the entire complex is located under Admin Building C on the corner of Republican St and 9th Ave N, and the entrance to the parking garage is in Republican St.
  • Driving into the underground facility, under the rolling gate, you will approach a ticket machine.
  • Pull a ticket from the machine. This will raise the arm allowing you into the garage.
  • Parking will be reserved for you on the P‐1 level. Reserved spaces will be marked by orange traffic cones. Feel free to park in other available spots if desired.
  • When you see a space designated by the cones, pull into the space (moving the cones forward as needed to fully access the space).
  • Bring your parking ticket with you.
  • Take the elevator up to the first floor lobby.
  • The reception desk will be available to notify the appropriate SLU employee of your arrival and/or to provide directions to the conference room where your meeting takes place.

Keep your ticket with you. Once you are ready to leave, you need to get your parking ticket validated in order to exit the parking garage.

Payment for parking has recently been introduced; if you want ITHS to pay for your parking, please ask the reception desk to call any of the following people at ITHS Admin to stamp for your ticket with the budget number to be debited: Judith (ext 64547) or Aurora (ext 64379).

Disability Parking for Visitors

There are disability parking spaces in the parking garage near the garage elevators. Vehicles using disability parking need to follow the same guidelines as noted above. All vehicles parked in disability parking spaces also need to display a state‐issued or UW‐issued disability permit.