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Team Science

Team Science

ITHS Team Science education and training is offered through a collaboration with the UW Center for Health Sciences Interprofessional Education, Research and Practice (CHSIE). Team Science was launched in 2017 to support the development, performance, and recognition of high functioning interdisciplinary research teams through education, training and institutional policies. The work we do is informed by the concept of individual and team competencies (read more here: Our ultimate goal is to build diverse, agile teams that can address challenges and opportunities in clinical and translational research.

Services & Offerings

Team Science provides a number of offerings and services to help research teams become more efficient and effective by building stronger team dynamics and processes. Our services include a variety of offerings to improve your and your team’s skills in enhancing communication, building trust, managing research, providing supportive leadership and demonstrating problem-solving communications.

graphic showing the way team science competencies overlap
Team Science Boot Camp
Team Science Boot Camp (In-Person/Virtual)

Interactive workshop attended by research teams. The In-Person training is held over 1.5-days and the Virtual session is held for 2 hours/day over 5 days. Each offered annually.

Topics include:

  • Teamwork & team processes
  • Awareness and adaptability of working styles and modes for addressing conflict
  • Lean Project Management (e.g., project organization, goal setting, planning)
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Meeting and time management
  • Communication
  • Leadership skills

Cost: No cost

Team Writing Resources
Team Writing Resources

Explore our Interprofessional Team Writing Toolkit. This toolkit is designed for researchers of all levels interested in improving how they collaborate to conduct scholarly writing across professions, disciplines, and institutions. The toolkit includes instructions and team writing tools including tracking forms and authorship agreement forms.

Learn more:

Cost: No cost

Online Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Resources
Online Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Resources

An online toolkit designed to aid those involved in the Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure (APT) process to recognize, support, and reward interdisciplinary research and collaboration. The APT Toolkit provides strategies, template and exemplars for early-career faculty, department chairs, and APT committees.

Learn more:

Cost: No cost

ITHS Career Development Series (CDS)
ITHS Career Development Series (CDS)

Recorded sessions focused on skills for early career faculty. 60-90 minutes long. Accessed on demand via ITHS website.

Team science topics include:

Cost: No cost

Lean Project Management Training
Lean Project Management Training for Research Teams

Live or virtual trainings for 6-40 individuals, ranging from 5-20 contact hours. These sessions provide tools and techniques to better manage and execute projects.

Service includes planning, customizing, communiques, delivery, follow-up and 1:1 support where requested.

Cost: training fees apply

Facilitation and Consultation
Facilitation and Consultation for Research Teams or Centers

Live or virtual trainings for new or established research teams or centers. This service is a great way to kick-off a new grant or for established research teams having challenges in meeting goals.

Includes strategic planning, developing team agreements, working on a team project, or working through a specific issue.

Can also include surveys, focus groups, or 1:1 interviews to gain team input prior to determining training objectives and approach.

Cost: Training fees apply

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

1:1 coaching by a certified trainer to support client needs.

Examples of topics include:

  • Career planning
  • Life balance
  • Working within a male-dominated culture
  • Working with various cultural biases
  • Leadership progression (sometimes focused on application for an open position)
  • Dealing with challenging interpersonal relationships
  • Building a team (i.e. research, education, clinical, etc.)
  • Becoming more comfortable with public speaking
  • Leading a department
  • Meetings within a department

Cost: training fees apply

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To learn more about Team Science and how we can help your research team, please email Laurel Barchet.