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Research Coordination Support Services

Research Coordination Support Services

The Research Coordination Center is a multidisciplinary team of research coordinators, regulatory specialists, research nurses, and study monitors who can support the design and conduct of clinical and translational research. We provide expert consultation and staffing solutions to propel projects forward. We have the requisite knowledge conducting observational and experimental research designs in both biomedical and behavioral disciplines to support your work.

For similar services at Fred Hutch or Seattle Children’s, visit Fred Hutch Collaborative Data Services or Children’s Research Coordinator Core.

Advantages of Using the RCC

Advantages of Using the RCC

The RCC offers several advantages:

Flexible Staffing

Our flexible staffing model allows researchers to increase or decrease usage as needed. Researchers only pay for actual hours RCC staff spend directly supporting their projects. We cover short-term leave and bridge to hire, as well as long-term research support needs for individual projects or entire departments.

Experience Matched to Your Needs

We match staff to project needs based on experience and availability to ensure you have the best support for your project when you need it. Our staff are up-to-date in HIPAA, Good Clinical Practice, CITI Human Subjects Protections, and other UW-required research trainings.

Accessible, On-Site Support

Our staff are available to work on-site during regular business hours at ITHS partner institutions. We are happy to work with researchers to accommodate unique support needs.



Zipline Conversion

We offer fee-based assistance to investigators who need to convert their existing University of Washington Human Subjects Division paper-based studies to the new UW Zipline application. Learn more about Zipline conversion services.

Protocol Development and Budgeting

We offer assistance with drafting investigator-initiated protocols, providing costs for grant budgeting, developing UW Clinical Research Budget and Billing submissions, and creating standard operating procedures.

FDA, IRB, and Compliance Support

We prepare and provide support for review of your Food and Drug Administration, Institutional Review Board, and other compliance submissions to ensure completeness, adherence to applicable requirements, and inclusion of all required documents.

Project Management

RCC project managers oversee research from project startup to closeout, directing technical, protocol-specific operations for multicenter projects and complex clinical trials.

Database Design

We assist with the creation of custom research databases and electronic forms using REDCap, a free HIPAA-compliant data capture program.

Recruitment and Study Implementation

We provide assistance with recruitment, screening, consenting, and overall conduct of study visits. This includes facilitating focus groups, interviews, questionnaires, lab processing, and more.

Research Nurses

RCC research nurses can assist investigators with clinical aspects of research protocols, including blood draws, IV starts, vital signs, anthropomorphic measurements, and chart abstraction.

Clinical Study Monitoring

We provide independent review of clinical study records to help investigators who are required by the FDA or funding agency to have their studies monitored. This independent review helps ensure compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations and Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

Research Staff Training

We provide training and development to existing or new study staff to help you develop a strong research team.

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