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ITHS Translational Research Partnership Awards—New Interdisciplinary Academic Collaborations

ITHS Translational Research Partnership Awards—New Interdisciplinary Academic Collaborations

ITHS is offering Translational Research Partnership Awards to encourage the formation and development of new academic interdisciplinary collaborations in projects that address critical transitions in translational research in innovative ways, with the potential to become long-term collaborations with a deep commitment to a common goal.

This pilot award will provide up to $50,000 in total costs for 1 year. No-cost extensions will not be allowed.

In addition to pilot funding, recipient teams will be invited to participate in interactive, in-person or on-line Team Science training. This highly sought-after training includes the formation of customized team agreements to support teams in reaching transdisciplinary research goals and help manage sharing credit for publications and products.

Application Period Closed
Key Dates
  • Application Period opens
    June 15, 2022
  • Letter of Intent due 
    11:59pm PDT, July 14, 2022

Reviewers for New Academic Interdisciplinary Collaborations will focus on 6 primary questions: 1) To what extent does this project propose a new interdisciplinary collaboration? 2) How have the partners collaborated in the design of the project? 3) To what extent does this project address a critical transition in translational research? 4) In what ways will this collaboration be innovative? 5) Is it likely that this collaboration will develop into a durable partnership between investigators who have equivalent commitment to the success of the project? 6) Is it likely that the results of the project will lead to subsequent funding?

2023-2024 RFA

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