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ITHS Logo & Usage Policy

ITHS Logo & Usage Policy

The approved logo and associated text give ITHS a consistent and recognizable visual image for the Institute. This identity policy serves to protect our visual representation.


  • Do not modify or alter the logo or logo colors without the express permission of ITHS administration.
  • Use of logo and formal text (by individuals outside of ITHS) must be approved by ITHS. Requests should be submitted in writing to the ITHS Administration, 850 Republican Street, Seattle, WA 98109-4714, email address: iths@u.washington.edu
  • Use the downloaded logo files available on this page in order to maintain highest quality.
  • Use the approved letterhead styles on all printed envelopes, notepads, business cards, mailing labels, and other stationery items conforming to stated logo guidelines.
  • This official logo is recommended for all visual representations of the ITHS—for signs, video productions, exhibit materials, and the like, in addition to printed publications and the Web site.

These guidelines may be revised as necessary. If you need a different format, please send your request to ITHS administration.


The colored version of the ITHS logo has green T.

Color Specifications

  • Hex: #718C58
  • RGB: 113, 140, 88
  • CMYK: 59, 29, 78, 9


The logo is available in horizontal or stacked layout with slight variations based on your needs. Please choose the appropriate design for your purposes.

Note that the ITHS preference is for the horizontal version of the logo to be used whenever possible.

To save the image files, right mouse click on the link below (or control + click on a Mac) and choose “Save as.”

FormatJPG (best for web use)PNG (best for Microsoft products)
24 kBMedium Size48 kBLarge Size
Medium Size
6 kBMedium Size10 kBLarge Size
13 kBMedium Size26 kBLarge Size
Medium Size
3 kBMedium Size6 kBLarge Size


Additional Options

Horizontal Format for Dark Backgrounds

Stacked Format for Dark Backgrounds

Cite ITHSThe Institute is supported by grants UL1 TR002319, KL2 TR002317, and TL1 TR002318 from the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences through the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program (CTSA).

Please help us continue to support your research by citing our grant number(s) in publications we supported.