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Adult Translational Research Unit

Adult Translational Research Unit

The ITHS Translational Research Unit (TRU) offers investigators the support and infrastructure needed to conduct clinical and translational research. This support includes access to dedicated inpatient and outpatient facilities, specially trained nurses and support staff, laboratory services, and state-of-the-art equipment. On-call nurses from the TRU are also available to travel to inpatient units at the UW Medical Center to complete clinical research activities.

The TRU is located in the UW Medical Center, which allows study teams to safely conduct early phase research studies. The TRU offers ten private and semi-private beds, office and computer space for research teams, a CLIA-certified laboratory, meal services, and two consultation rooms.



The TRU staff is experienced in supporting a variety of therapeutic, observational, and interventional clinical studies. Their areas of expertise include immunotherapy studies; high-volume and/or serial, closely-spaced blood draws; and pharmacokinetic studies.

Some of the specific services offered by the TRU include:

  • Nursing care, such as blood draws and placement of IVs
  • Nursing observation and monitoring of vital signs
  • Intravenous infusions
  • EKG testing
  • Use of room-only services with your own staff with access to TRU facilities, equipment, and nursing services (as needed)

Our registered nurses and study coordinators possess significant experience and expertise in clinical and translational research. They draw from this background as they support investigators and study teams in successfully navigating the different phases of research.

For subjects under the age of 14, please visit Seattle Children’s PCRC.

Inpatient Research Activity Support Program
On-call registered nurses from the ITHS TRU are available to travel to inpatient units at the UW Medical Center to complete needed clinical research activities. This service ensures that all research protocols can be accommodated during anticipated and unanticipated admissions while a participant is enrolled in a research study. There is no cost to request an estimate or register a study for this program, with charges only occurring when an ITHS nurse is actually deployed.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Obtain a Cost Estimate

The ITHS TRU form to obtain a cost estimate has moved into central REDCap intake project.

Studies submitted for start-up review via the central REDCap intake project will have the TRU submission form added to their survey queue if TRU was selected as a site of practice for the study.

After the TRU submission is received, we will reach out to you within 5 business days to schedule the feasibility consult meeting. During this meeting, we will assess and match your needs to our services, as well as provide you with an accurate estimate of the associated costs.

A TRU pricing calculator (specifically for situations where the study is not ready to submit to the REDCap intake project) will be available on this page soon. Keep in mind that filling out the TRU pricing calculator does NOT count as a formal submission to the TRU. Teams must still fill out the TRU submission in REDCap.

If you need the TRU form populated for your study and do not see it in your REDCap survey queue, please email

Register Your Study

Registration will now be automated. Once the IRB approval submission date has been entered for studies in the OnCore Clinical Trial Management System, the TRU team will be alerted. This notification will prompt us to send the study team an email to initiate the registration process. If you do not receive an email from TRU within 2 days after entering the IRB approval submission date, then please email us at



Determining Projected Costs

All grant proposals submitted that intend to utilize ITHS TRU nursing services at the UW Medical Center will need to include costs for these services. To obtain estimated costs to include in your grant budgets, or to obtain estimates for already-funded projects, please request your estimates through central REDCap intake project. Be sure to select TRU as a site of practice and fill out the TRU submission form. After completing the submission form, then you will be contact to schedule a TRU feasibility consultation meeting.

You will receive an estimated budget, including applicable subsidies, suitable to submit with your grant proposal within 10 working days of having a TRU feasibility consultation meeting. Note that 10 working days lead time is required to assure a timely turnaround for ITHS estimated budgets. Costs can also vary between budget cycles. The ITHS budget cycle runs from March 1 to February 28(9) of the following year. Costs are based on our current rate sheet.

Adult Translational Research Unit Fee Structure

Costs for use of the TRU are shared with investigators. The TRU is open to industry-sponsored studies.

Note: hospital services separate from those provided through ITHS will continue to be charged at hospital research rates.

Hours & Location

ITHS TRU Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Wednesday – open 24 hours
    (Overnight stays available)
  • Thursday – closes at 7 p.m.
  • Friday – 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday

The TRU is located in the University of Washington Medical Center on the 7th floor of the Pacific Tower. Take the Pacific elevator up to the seventh floor, make a right turn and you will see the Translational Research Unit (7 South).

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please use this form to submit quick questions. Requests for costs estimates and services must go through the new Central REDCap Intake Project (see “Getting Started” above for more details).