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Recruitment Support Service

Recruitment Support Service

Clinical research can help gather data and answer questions that will be used to improve human health. Too often study teams face challenges with participant enrollment which can result in studies closing prior to completion or remaining open past intended completion date and thereby exposing participants and volunteers to potential study risks without contributing any new knowledge to the questions being addressed.

The ITHS Recruitment Support Service is available to study teams to help face these challenges and provide strategic, project-specific recruitment advice to help research teams meet enrollment goals. Researchers and their teams are encouraged to contact the ITHS Recruitment Support Service to discuss and develop approaches to recruitment for both new and ongoing clinical studies.  Complete the “Request Services” form at the bottom of this page to request a free recruitment consultation.

How Researchers Use This Service

How Researchers Use This Service

To inform the ITHS Recruitment Support Service, we investigated barriers and accelerators of clinical research recruitment from 92 studies conducted at UW and Seattle Children’s. We learned there were no investigator or study “phenotypes” that predicted enrollment outcomes, which suggests that each study has individual challenges.

Building on this experience, we anticipate that these challenges can be overcome with creative, targeted recruitment plans. Recruitment consultations include review of your study plan, with attention to aims, eligibility criteria, and study procedures. We are happy to provide consultations for new projects or for existing projects having difficulty meeting enrollment goals and looking for new approaches.

Following a recruitment consultation, we stay in touch with the research team to systematically evaluate the results of our input. Our goal is to understand why targeted recruitment strategies are successful for different types of studies and to generalize approaches for various categories of studies.

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